BFA Virginia Tech

At Virginia Tech, I learned how to paint and draw from life. This is an acrylic painting I did of Oakland, CA, during the pandemic. The painting for me was about the battle between natural, unconscious brush strokes, that you might see in the background and far trees, versus the processed, over conceptualized strokes of the nearer bushes and leaves. Finding a balance was the only way to make it work. For me, the painting is about unconscious vs conscious. Background vs foreground. Nature vs society. Simplicity vs detail. The buildings represent people in my life, like my mother, father, brother, sister, and friends, that make up my psyche.

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Oil Painting

This was a painting from college. I liked painting groups of people. I also liked making art about my friends. This was a group of us who shared an apartment building. Now this painting sits on the wall of one of it's subjects.

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Water colors

This figure, whom you may recognize in the painting above, would seem to be a reoccuring character in my works from college. Who is he? What is he thinking about?

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Art and animation

This was an animation I made a few years ago in between jobs. I like to mix music and art, especially the MIDI patterns, which in this piece can be seen in the falling blocks and oil.

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