I started using 3ds Max in high school. I modeled and rigged a few characters, robots, and inorganic objects. Then in college we used Maya for a variety of different 3D projects, one specifically where I rigged and animated characters for a 3D unity game. I have experience modelling organic/inorganic objects, texturing and lighting scenes, and rigging and animating characters and objects, in Cinema 4D, Maya, and 3DS Max.

3D Modelling

Organic and inorganic objects. Profecient in plane/edge/vertex modeling, and box modelling.


Profecient in setting up IK/FK rigs, bones, and weighting.

Animations + Simulations

Foundation in 12 rules of animation. Character animation is my specialty.


Have used octane and have experience creating standard materials, and setting up basic lighting and sets in 3D.


This is a face I recently modelled in cinema 4D. I always enjoyed the callenge of modelling faces in 3D applications. I love rigging and animating characters, and bringing them to life.



This is a chicken I modelled, rigged, and animated in cinema 4D, then textured in after effects. This animation was inspired by some neighbors' chickens.



I always model a guitar when learning a 3D application, whether it's 3ds Max, Maya, or C4D. This was a quick study I did when I was doing cinema 4D 'every days' (daily projects). I modeled the guitar then setup the lighting and texturing. I animated the camera as well.


Demo Reel

Here's my most recent demo reel. You'll see upfront a 3D project that looks like an ESPN animation. It was for Google Play. I modelled and textured the 3D logo in Cinema 4D, and set up the scene in Octane. We used an HDRI map and global illumination to light the scene, and a plain effector to animate the monitors. We also added sparks and dust in after effects.