These are some video editing projects I helped create for brands like Youtube, Youtube TV, Google My Business

Youtube TV Ad

I've always loved sports. Our job was to quickly make a promo ad for Sports Bundle on Youtube TV. I did the storyboarding, and video and audio editing for this project. I was mostly proud of the storyboard. I had to figure out a way to convey that all the netwroks were in one add-on. It sounds simple, but it isn't as intuitive as you might think, the moment when you're sifting through assets from the client and you're trying to see how they fit together. The motion of the network icons and in to the UI was how we achieved this.

G Pay + G Play YT Bumper

This was a standard youtube bumper promoting G Pay and Google Play. I was proud of the music and motion in this piece. I had to animate all the Google Play logos.

Google My Business, App Store video

This video was made for Google my Business on the App Store. The UI had to be percise and high definition, which meant I had to build each UI, no screenshots. The video also had to be under 30 seconds, which is why it's so quick. Again in this project I was proud of the motion and the music, but most of all the logo animation at the end.

Youtube Localization, Stay Home #withme

Here I localized hundreds of youtube videos in many different languages. They needed the lower-thirds and end-cards to be localized, as well as the video of each youtube influencer to be replaced. The first challenge was getting all the videos off of google drive, where the links were provided in a google sheet. I had to write an app script to go to the link in the sheet, copy the video, then paste it in to one folder, and rename each file based on the name in the spreadsheet. This way I could download the videos at once. I wrote another script to replace the videos, based on their names. Another script changed the lower-thirds and end-cards based on a spreadsheet.

YT Shorts

This was another localization project. I was working with another animator who automated the animations by using an after effects slider to cycle thorugh a spreadsheet of copy, and replace each language based on on the slider (column) number. By the time the animations were hooked up to the slider, and spreadsheet, the software was very clunky. I wrote a script to automate moving the slider, which would replace the copy, and save each new file based on the new language, for every column in the spreadsheet. Then I wrote a script that would bake all the text in the new file, so it wouldn't be referenceing a spreadsheet (so you could edit it easily).

Music Factory Animation

This was an animation I made a few years ago in between jobs. I like to mix music and art, especially the MIDI patterns, which in this piece are the falling blocks and oil.

Demo Reel 2023

Here is my 2023 demo reel!