I use javascript to automate tasks like localization, file converstion, IK rigging, and inputting spreadsheet data in to graphs and tables. This saves time, resources, and completes tasks effeciently.

File Converstion

My mov to gif converter has saved me the most time out of all my scripts. I wrote this about 5 years ago and have used it to create hundreds of gifs. Using Photoshop, it converts all animated mov files in a folder directory to gifs, often with specific optimization settings.


Inputting data sets

A few years ago, we had a biweekly email for Linkedin stakeholders where we would send out stylized tables and graphs of data based on a constantly updating spreadsheet. We designed these stylized tables and graphs in photoshop. I was an associate art director at the time, and my job was to manualy input the data in to the photoshop tables and recreate the graphs every other week. It was very time consuming and quite tedious. I was able to create a script to take the spreadsheet, input the data in to the photoshop tables, and update the graphs, icons, and colors accordingly. This was one of the projects that lead to my promotion to art director.



We were getting a lot of characters for Google Play that needed to be rigged and animated, and I was starting to see that I the most effecient was to animate the characters was with custom scripts. We needed IK joints but plugins like duik and rubber hose would weigh down the application with unneccesary functionalities. Another challenge was that many characters would have different or exaggerated proportions, and building a custom rig each time was a cumbersome task. I wrote a script to take layer names from an Illustrator File, and in After Effects, input an IK expression to the rotation attribute of the upper leg, for example. This would create a perfect, light weight rig automatically.



For YouTube I created a set of scripts that could generate many animations based on templates and replace videos, lower thirds, voice overs, UI pngs, and end cards based on spreadsheet data. During covid I automated the localization of hundreds of 15 and 6 second animations, across 50 different languages. This saved roughly an hour per language. I've automated maybe 5 larger scale automation projects for Youtube, where we were delivering hundereds of localized ads.


Scripting tools


Javascript is the root for Adobe extendscript and Google App Script. It is the main language I used for localization. I also use js for frontend and backend web development.


Extendscrpit allows you to write scripts for and automate in Adobe applications, such as After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. You can automate everything from exporting, to file conversion, to localization of text.

Google apps script

Google apps script allows you to write scripts for G Suite apps. So for example you can consolidate drive files in to 1 folder, and rename the files based on a spreadsheet.


Java is the computer language in which I learned object oriented programming.