Animations for Google Play

Play Pass

After proving we could animate characters in New and Trending Games, and it was something I enjoyed doing, I became the go-to for character animations. This knight character was built with my rigging script. I created the fire in Animate, using frame-by-frame animation.


Walking throwing star

Walk cycles are always fun. I really liked animating the sword in this one, and drawing a circular shape to show it's spinning fast. Another interesting part of this animation was the throwing motion. Playing baseball growing up, you are taught that there is a cetrain motion where the elbow leads, then flicks from forward to back, in order to throw the ball faster. In animation terms, this means the elbow pole/constraint quickly changes from left to right. So it was fun to animate that motion here.



Run cycles are also always fun. I liked animating the character bounce off the floating barrel. I also liked animating the dive in to the ocean. With animations like this, there is always the added challenged of keeping the gif under 600 KB (Also on a transparent background!).


Holiday gif

This was one of the earlier animations our team completed for Google Play. At this point our team was really beggining to come together and we were starting to produce some really great work.


Watch gif

This was another fun run cycle. Not much to say, other than it was fun to do. It's always a challenge to get the run to look good. The rig used the standard script I wrote.


Confetti gif

I really liked the way this animation turned out. I felt like the laptop, and confetti, had a lot of personality. The streamers were animated in a style that I learned from media.monks that they do really well. It was nice to emulate that.