UX Design and Info Architecture

This page is to highlight my experience working as a UX designer for hy.ly, a SaaS platform. This deals more with the thinking behind the interfaces and products, and what I was actually designing, not the finished interfaces themselves.


Unfortunately I don’t have many of the actual interfaces from this role, as this was my job a few years ago, but here is a sample of our website builder, and the front end vs back end. If you are hoping to see my actual graphic design ability, I’d recommend viewing my graphic design case study.



At hy.ly, we had a software suite that we offered to clients, and we had many clients that we worked with and maintained. It was my job to manage specific client accounts, take in requests from the client, create design solutions, manage the developers in creating the newly-designed, product functionality, then test it. This was my job across many different clients and products.



The tools and services we offered generally included a CRM, a front-end website, an analytics tool for see things like ROI, an email builder (like mailchimp), a website builder (for property listings), a tour scheduler, a lead pipeline, and more. We were always coming up with new tools based on client needs.



The CRM was made up of a few different entities: renters, landlords, agents, and properties. Each entity has a different view and different permissions. All these entities interacted with each other and required certain functionalities, and ultimately needed to be displayed on the front end site (such as property listings, or the ability to schedule a tour). I learned a lot about software designing these backend systems. Each client needed different functionalities so our CRM was always evolving.


Entity Pages

I designed many entity pages, for renters, agents, landlords, and properties. Normally there would be some display of info: name, email, DOB, etc, then the users interactions on the front end site (so agents could see what properties they were interested in), then a place for communication with landlords and agents. There were different views, such as a table view for agents to see all renters and where they were in a lead pipeline.


Website Builder

The property website builder was a product I was very proud of. We researched what a good property website included (a floor plan, property images, property info, etc), and built an ideal front end website, where clients could just upload photos and information and have a really beautiful property website.



Another product I was very proud of was the analytics tool. Before I began working on it, everything was text. I created icons for the graph types and metrics and it just made the tool so much easier to understand and use. That’s when I learned the power of design to make things more functional.