Welcome to my portfolio!

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Art Director. Animator. Tinkerer.

Welcome to my portfolio!

Where creativity is 0 light years away!

I'm an art director in San Francisco. I specialize in motion design, but I also utilize UX and dev skills in my day to day. Below are some projects that showcase my experience as a creative problem solver.


This is an animation we did for google during pride. Through motion, there was an unique opportunity to convey community and family with the cloth of the flag.

Posts with Google

Localization can be labor intensive. But if everything is boiled down to the simplest elements, processes can be batched + automated. With 3 animations across 13 countries, I reduced a scoped-120-hour job down to 40 hours with 3 key js scripts.


I've worked for many clients to come up with fun emails, utilizing creative gifs. Everything from birds, to buzzer beaters, a good animation can knock the client's socks off, and make all the difference in an email.